Reid & Rett Mini Beluga Doll Carrier - Beluga Baby x Emma Hansen


Reid & Rett Mini Beluga Doll Carrier - Beluga Baby x Emma Hansen

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The Reid & Rett Mini Beluga is designed in collaboration with Emma Hansen, and supports stories of grief and joy in life after child loss. 

In early April of 2015, Emma and I (Haley, founder of Beluga Baby) were at the same hospital, pregnant with our first babies. I was preparing to say hello to my daughter, Sawyer, as Emma was preparing to say goodbye to her eldest son, Reid, stillborn at forty weeks due to a true knot in his umbilical cordOne year later our worlds collided again with the birth of Emma's rainbow baby, Everett. Our friendship was born out of this mix of life and loss. Its through this connection that we created a this very special product line.
After a traumatic series of events, Emma's second son, Everett ("Rett") spent the first three weeks of his life in the NICU, and it’s because of the exemplary care he received there that he’s thriving today. So it is with gratitude that a full third of profits from this wrap will be donated to NICUs to provide lifesaving aid and equipment to help other babies fighting for their lives.

This Beluga Wrap honors those precious lost lives, and will allow you to keep those that follow close. We want to honour the rainbows of this world and give recognition to the parents who have loved, lost, and finally filled, or are hoping to fill, their empty arms with life. And we want to grow conversations around child loss and the impact these losses have on the community and beyond. 
Rainbows signify hope after loss. They are what emerge through the storms in our lives, often in the very thick of them. They don’t fill the spaces in our hearts. Those spaces will forever belong to who was lost. They don't erase the clouds: they appear beside them. These experiences of deep sorrow and pure joy re-define what we once knew of these emotions - creating space to both grieve and celebrate all at once. 
Whatever your versions of hope and loss are, we’d like to honor them. Honor the memories of your lost children. Honor the new lives you have in your arms. Honor the space you’ve created in your life for a rainbow that is unique to you. Our stories hold deep power in their diversity, and it is in them that we will find healing.

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