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A Few Of My Favourite Things - September 2018

September 19, 2018

A Few Of My Favourite Things - September 2018

There's a lot of noise out there these days, and mom's get bombarded with ads and promotions, so I have decided to save you some time and will be listing my five favourite finds each month. This will include anything from an amazing recipe, to music or baby products that rocked my world. It's a busy life out there for all of us Mama's, here are five things that rose about the noise that I wanted to share with you!

#1 The Mifold Booster Seat

Mifold Booster Seat Mom Review

  • This amazing booster seat that literally FITS IN YOUR BAG. I got one for use with my daughter when we travel, once she qualifies for the weight and age limits. 
  •  https://www.mifold.com/

#2 Magnesium Oil Spray

Magnesium Oil Spray to help mother's sleep

  • If you have anxiety, aches and pains, or trouble sleeping, Magnesium Oil (like this one from So Luxury https://soluxury.ca/) is amazing. Just a few sprays before bed at night and I have the best sleep ever.
  • 20% OFF Discount code for Beluga Baby Fam! BELUGABABY  

#3 The Avett Brothers Band

The Avett Brothers is great music for momming to

#4 The Fifth Season by MK Jemisin

The Fifth Season is well loved by Beluga Baby

#5 Star Trek Voyager

Beluga Baby loves Star Trek Voyager

Netflix added all the seasons of Star Trek Voyageur...so yeah...you might not hear from me for a while.

Have a great month! 

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