A Few Of My Favourite Things...May 2019

May 09, 2019

A Few Of My Favourite Things...May 2019

As mothers (and fathers), we sometimes lose track of what makes us tick, what makes our hearts leap. The intention of this little list is to remind you that what you love is important. What moves you is important. Chase it, find it, hold it close. You can rediscover yourself in small ways, and in that, become a better parent. One that is happier, more content, more available to their children.

This is the list of what I love this month. What did you find? Leave a comment and let me know what moved you this month!

1. Imagine Perry Co.

Baby Beluga loves Imagine Perry Co. Bathing suits!

As a large-busted, long-torsoed gal, I wasn’t sure this one-piece would support the gals while avoiding the dreaded camel toe. I can now tell you, success on BOTH accounts! This bathing suit is a WINNER. I got the gingham in navy blue. 

Pro Tip: Wear it under jean cutoff shorts for super cute beach to bar outfit.

2. Disneyland with a 4 year old

Beluga Baby loves Disneyland

Last month we visited Disneyland in California with our four-year old. It was the PERFECT age. She was tall enough for most rides, doesn’t nap anymore, and was in total awe of the Disney magic.

Pro Tip: Arrive half an hour before the park opens to get in early + ride all the rides you want before 11 am with nearly no lines (on weekdays).

3. Danielle X - the artist

Beluga Baby loves Danielle X the photographer

I WILL have one of these on my wall one day. This photographer from Australia captures ocean and beachscapes in a surrealist way that gives me all the happy feelings.

4. Weight Training


I’ve struggled with getting healthy and fit after having my daughter four years ago. High intensity workouts (HIIT) tend to leave me feeling weepy or frustrated, so I’ve never been consistent. Recently my dad (gotta love dads), convinced me to get a gym membership and start doing weights. And for the first time in a long time I feel strong. I look forward to heading to the gym, popping my headphones on, and catching up on podcasts. It chills me out and helps me focus for my work day. Long story short, find whatever style of movement that feels right for your body, and stick with that instead of trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. If you want to try weight training, I’ve been loving the workouts from @bodiesbyrachel on Instagram.

5. Furniture from Article

Beluga Baby loves Article Furniture

I recently got a new chair + couch from Article and they’re SUCH good quality. They deliver, and for $50 if you’re in an apartment building, they’ll bring it all the way into whichever room you want it set up in. Everything I’ve gotten from Article has been beautiful and well-crafted. Here’s the couch we got: https://www.article.com/product/2128/timber-charme-tan-sofa

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