Mom's Night In - Products to Spoil Yourself With

November 01, 2015

Mom's Night In - Products to Spoil Yourself With

There's nothing I love more than an indulgent evening to myself. Baby asleep in her crib, glass of wine in my hand, and a hot bath waiting for me. To make the evening even more indulgent, I have a few products that are just exquisite. So for an evening where you truly want to spoil yourself, check out these incredible products. 


Okay, I'm a little obsessed. I love each of their products more than the last, and I love none of their products more than their bath bombs and melts. My two current favourites are:

Yog Nog: The newest line of bath bombs includes this beauty, who's nutty and cookie scent is intoxicating. It will turn your bath into a pretty swirl of gold and you'll emerge a platinum goddess. 

Twilight: My all-time number one. I am not a lavender lover as a rule, but something about how it combines with the tonka in this purple bath bomb is pure bliss. And the dark purple colour your bathtub becomes is such a treat to melt into. This one's a winner folks!

Quail's Gate Guwurtztramier

For you wine-drinkers out there, this is my favourite white. I drink it all year round, even during those cold winter months that more suit a red wine. It's a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy, and leaves subtle bubbles on the tongue with each sip. 

Bebe De Luxe

Now in all honestly I haven't yet tried this product myself (I'm grabbing on next Saturday at the Trendy Tots Pop Up Shop in Vancouver), but I've heard SO many rave reviews that I feel obligated to include it on this list. 

Bébé de Luxe Coconut & Oat Milk Bath is natural, vegan and free of all toxins, parabens and carcinogens (the "Nasties"). It is made with 100% certified organic and food-grade ingredients.

Not only that, but the beautiful jar looks great in your bathroom!

Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Souffle Body Creme

O. M. G. If you're a scent junkie like me, the smell of this body creme will thrill your senses and wonder if maybe, just maybe it tastes as good as it smells. *It does not*

This is a truly opulent product. It's not cheap, but it is cheerful. Aside from the scent, the texture is stunning and the gorgeous smell lingers on the skin. Its a testament to the quality of the perfume in this creme. Its staying power is great!

So go draw yourself a bath, add a bath bomb or some oatmeal bath, and have the relaxing evening you deserve mama!



PS - It's also a luxurious treat to wrap your little one close to you in a Beluga Wrap. Grab yours today for a sweet treat here!


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